Crazy Day

It started with the arrival of the arborist – and his truck, ladder, chain saw and wood chipper (still no Fargo references). He had to decapitate about half my beautiful lilac to get his truck into the yard. And it took him better than an hour to set up his equipment. But he just dropped the top 50 + feet of the dead tree in a perfect line. We’ll miss the shade it gave but if it fell on its own, it was going to land on the neighbor’s house.

Sometime in there a friend called to say that a close friend of Larry’s had died. We were expecting word, but it just seemed to arrive in the middle of mayhem.

Just as the tree guy was squeezing his truck between my lilac and my neighbor’s euonymus, and I was contemplating getting organized for my trip, a good friend called from divorce court, where she’d just ended her marriage of more than 20 years. She was happy, sad, and needed a cup of tea. She came over and we chatted and sipped tea. She timed her departure perfectly because the top of the tree hit the ground about 20 minutes after she left, feeling much better than when she arrived.

My desk still looks like a trash heap, the clothes for my trip still aren’t sorted out, and I have no idea what I’m going to take for reading material. (See yesterday’s blog).

Will curtail this entry and get down to business.

A whole bunch of other stuff has happened between 11:30 when I updated and now, 8:30 as I write, but it’s gonna hafta wait.


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