While I Was Away

Today’s entry will include a note on a sad event that happened just before the western trip. Tomorrow I deal with a more unexpected and distressing demise. The death of M. Beatrice Wood at age 95 was to be expected. What an amazing woman! She challenged the Hartford school system when the administrators refused to hire her even though she had the highest scores on the qualifying test. She went on to become one of the top teachers and administrators in reading for the Hartford school system. Her obituary describes what she did but does not adequately capture the passion of the woman for her work and for her students. She was also the first African American woman elected to the Bloomfield Town Council. Her election occurred when the town was predominantly white. She developed such a stellar reputation that when she ran for her third term, she gained enough votes to become deputy mayor.

I attended her funeral the day before I left for Denver and was especially moved by the many acknowledgements from state officials and from local officials and friends in Bloomfield and in Hartford. The minister at her church spoke eloquently of her love of her work, her family, her church, and all the civic organizations that she served. M. Beatrice Wood lived a wonderful, full life and she received a proper farewell.


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