Noted With Curiosity

Deep into spread sheets and other forms of mind-bending minutiae today, so here are a few questions to ponder:

Why is the “Stop for Pedestrians in Crosswalk” sign by Wesleyan’s Olin library turned so the pedestrians can see it but motorists can’t?

Why did the UConn Huskies game start an hour late today?

Why do so many women, especially young ones, think Rihanna deserved the beating?

Why do people include obvious nicknames in obituaries? I can understand Harold “Spaz” Johnson or Letitia “Fudge” Nolan. But why Margaret “Peggy” Smith or Robert “Bob” Harrison?

Why does say it’s cloudy when the map has a huge blob of rain over most of southern New England?

Why does Chris Dodd wait to be outed – on Countrywide, on his condo purchase and now on the AIG bonus rip-off?


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