Bustin’ A Sag

Should boys and young men be allowed to wear their pants low enough to show their underwear or their behinds? Our president says no. A bunch of towns from Michigan to Florida say no. Most public schools say no. Setting aside the school issue (it is arguably a safety thing), I echo the opinion of another baby boomer who says if they’re not naked, what’s the problem? It looks awfully uncomfortable. They certainly can’t run. They have to text with one hand because the other one is holding up their pants. But if it’s their choice, why not?

These fashion-forward folk I assume realize that the “style” originated in prison, where cons and suspects are deprived of any item that could be a potential weapon or gadget to commit suicide with. Taking the look to the next level would involve wearing bright orange jumpsuits. Somehow I doubt that most male teens and twentysomethings will want to look like larger versions of Kim Jung Il. At least I hope so.

On the other hand, equating the right to expose one’s underwear with the right to protest higher taxes or global warming or gun control seems a bit extreme. Nevertheless, in a close reading of the First Amendment droopy pants would probably fall (pardon the pun) under the penumbra of free expression.

More importantly on a list of priorities, I do think the police have far better things to do than bust kids for bustin’ a sag.


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