What’s Up With Amazon?

The flak catchers at the giant must be working overtime. But maybe they should get their stories straight. After a number of authors complained about missing ranking numbers, Amazon first blamed a computer “glitch.” But the problem affected “adult,” mostly with gay and lesbian subject matter. Ooops, nope, it also covered topics such as health and “mind and body.” Netizens understandably went wild. I mean it’s OK to buy Howard’s End but not Maurice? It looks like somebody or somebodies at Amazon thought so.

The best part of this whole episode is the Twitter responses, mostly listed at #amazonfail and #glitchmyass.

On a more sinister note, it seems that Amazon flags stuff for “adult” content, and someone hit the wrong button. My question: why were they reclassifying books that were already listed? This sounds suspiciously like what happened when I requested that Amazon remove the “look inside” for my mom’s books. It happened and then a few months later, it was baack for Harriet Tubman and Tituba of Salem Village. An exchange between Amazon and the folks at publisher HarperCollins led to the following They are still researching how they popped back on in the first place and are putting steps in place to make sure they don’t pop back up again.” Needless to say I check every few months.

Here’s my suggestion: Buy from a local bookstore or from Barnes and Noble. The company doesn’t try to steal content and doesn’t have a “masters of the universe” mindset. (See “Authors Can Silence Kindle”).

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