Back in Town

Short entry because I spent the weekend in Massachusetts and am now scrambling to do the Saturday and Sunday chores. We held a memorial service for my cousin Anna’s partner and buried his ashes in the family plot. It was good to see her and to meet his family, but the drive up and back was another story. My car had two near collisions within minutes in the parking lot at the Natick rest stop. No one signals their turns (someone said Mass. drivers don’t want to alert the enemy.) And people were driving as fast through the parking lot at the hotel as they were on the four-lane road on the other side of the divider where the speed limit was 55! The hotel’s van driver nearly got clipped by a woman chatting on her cell phone in another parking lot. I don’t think Mass. folks have ever heard of hands free. In general they seem to want to commit suicide by motor vehicle. They’re running a close second to New Jersey for incompetence on the road.

After the rest of the family had gone home, Anna and I got a brief tour of the Reebok center in Canton, which was all decked out for the breast cancer walk. We met two of the women who had finished 26 miles on Saturday and were getting ready to walk 14 on Sunday. Bless ’em.

We did something far more decadent by having dinner at Legal Sea Foods. I had three fabulous, fat oysters and lemon caper grey sole for dinner (why do they spell “grey” the Brit way?). Anna had her namesake, Anna’s Baked Boston Scrod. Yummy!

On Sunday Anna headed to the airport and I hit the road, discovering that gas was cheaper on the Mass. Pike than in town. Also had an idiot driver who couldn’t decide whether he wanted to get on the Pike or stay on I-95 and swerved in front of me at the last second. Was really glad when I reached the Conn. state line and even happier to return home, even if gas costs about 15 cents more a gallon here than in Taxachusetts.


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