Big Time!

Several years ago my friend Thelma and I used to have a Friday martini and light supper at the Inn at Middletown. It was a tradition that lasted over a few years until our paths diverged with family obligations and whatnot.

One of the great joys of dining and drinking at the Inn was our bartender, David Brogan. We felt so comfortable that we started referring to the bar as David’s living room. He created the most wonderful varieties of martinis, often color coordinated with our outfits. I remember one glorious day when Thelma wore peach and I wore turquoise. With our drinks we looked like the flag of a small third world nation, but the flavors were sublime. He also made the only Cosmo that didn’t send me into sugar shock. David served up a taste of each season as well – pumpkin for Halloween, something green for St. Patty’s Day, etc. etc. At Christmas the members of his fan club gave David treats. We brought him cookies, lots and lots of cookies.

Thelma and I were devastated when David left – and I for one haven’t been back since.

So it is with great joy that Thelma told me about SignatureDavid. And there he was! Then I discover he’s still calling me Louise (spelled Louse – should I take it personally?) on his blog.

Hope he’s back behind the bar at a watering hole near us in the very near future.


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