What’s the Buzz?

Quick hit today as I’ve been occupied with – well, who knows what. Anyway there was much excitement at the hospital yesterday. Everything seemed calm when I arrived but after giving my first Reiki therapy, I went to get some water from the kitchen and discovered the door was closed and there were three large men in “environmental” suits.

What was going on? “Bees” was the answer. They had invaded the kitchen, which is terrifying in a place where people can’t get up quickly – if at all.

Thinking back, I realized that I’d seen several fliers lurking around the upper part of the window but hadn’t thought much about it.

The enviro guys stayed for more than an hour – the supervisor came and went – and when I came back for another glass of water, the door was still shut but the bees seemed to be gone. One of the volunteers said the men had caulked around any possible open space. People were coming in and out of the kitchen, but no one stayed. Several of us discussed the issue and decided those critters were not as one woman put it the “warm, fuzzy, honey-making variety.” I thought they rather looked like yellow jackets but didn’t get close enough to make a positive ID.

When I finally ventured in for my water, I went over to the window and looked out. There must have been 25 or 30 little commandoes buzzing around – and they were pissed! They couldn’t get at their hive any more, would be my guess. And they did look like yellow jackets, though rather on the small side.

Hope all remains calm and peaceful on the inside.


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