Good Music, Spectacular Extra

A bunch of distractions delayed this entry till today.

A rare treat Thursday night at Cypress Restaurant. The Dayton Rich Band, which is a little bit blues, a little bit country and a whole lot rock ‘n’ roll, got a huge boost from jazz vocalist Kitty Kathryn. Kitty has been singing for years in Connecticut, and nationally. She’s jammed with the Professor, Paul Brown, and his group, with whom she cut a CD. She’s been featured on the Hartford Jazz Society’s river cruise, and she performs at venues in and around central Connecticut – but not nearly often enough. It doesn’t look she has any music up on the web, but here’s a link to her myspace page.

Kitty sat in on two numbers with the band and rocked the house, which was packed for a birthday party for the owner’s daughter, and with folks who follow the band. Among the latter group were about 20 music students from Coginchaug High School where guitar player Dean Coutsouridis is the band director. The students arrived en masse wearing yellow T-shirts with numbers and the name of their instrument. Several of the boys opened the dancing with some energetic, if somewhat less than rhythmic, steps. Even though it was pouring rain, they ran around and danced outside on the patio. They seemed to be trying to distract their teacher as much as anything else, but he was too professional and his concentration was too good.

Kitty has been semi-retired for several years but has promised to return to Cyp when the weather improves and she can perform on the patio. In the meantime, she’s supposed to be at Fishbone in a couple of weeks. Will do more of a review then.


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