Baby, Oh, Baby

Quick notes before I get to today’s topic: Hurray that Bernie Madoff got the max. He should be under the jail!

Can’t believe the idiots in the publishing world are allowing liar James Frey (See “Freyed Again: Forgeries, Fakes and Other Fabrications”) to write fiction for young adults. At least this time he and his co-author are calling the thing a novel.

Mma Ramotswe is writing a cookbook. (See “Precious on HBO,” January 15). Reading Copy Book Blog reported that proceeds from the sale of the book will support local charities in Botswana, though they probably ought to send most of the money to groups that support healthy eating. The only recipe mentioned is for donuts, which are called “fat cakes” in Botswana.

Now to today’s topic. My friend Amy is having a baby girl at the end of August, and her third (!) shower was yesterday. Such an event offers amazing opportunity to explore a world that I seldom have a chance to visit, and it was beyond eye-opening – more like eye-popping , that is once I got to the store. That ugly weather on Friday turned out to be a whole lot uglier than expected. An F-1 tornado took out probably a score of trees, including one that cleft a house in two in the historic section of Wethersfield. That plus separate storm with doused the rest of us with rain, wind, lightning, and hail felled power lines in a large area around Hartford.

By the time I set out on Saturday afternoon, the traffic lights weren’t working at the end of the exit ramp from the highway, which is a massive 4-way intersection. Then I discovered that all the stores, major and minor, along the route were closed, except for my second favorite, Target. (See, “Shopping Opportunities,”) There were tree branches and leaves on all the road surfaces that didn’t have regular traffic. Of course the store was jammed, since it was the only game in town.

I grabbed a cart that someone had thoughtlessly left in the next parking space and proceeded to the household storage area where I got a big Tupperware “roughneck” container. The theme of the shower was green, as in recycle and conserve. Instead of wrapping I just put all the goodies in the container and put a bow on top. Then I wended my way over to the baby section, where I found

  • a rubber duckie that turns color to tell Mom and Dad when the bath water is too hot
  • a caddie for tiny baby stuff to survive in the dishwasher so “you can spend time chasing the kids around the house instead of chasing stuff around the dishwasher. “
  • clothing in every conceivable size, shape, color – including one piece pj’s with duckie and bunny feet
  • car seats that transform to strollers that transform to swings that transform to high chairs, etc.
  • a huge selection of baby wipes in various scents including none

Picked up a medical kit, two five-packs of onsies, some socks, etc. etc. Then I searched the aisle for diapers and that sort of thing. Turns out they are at the other end of the store, forcing one to walk past the rest of the merchandise. There I found not only diapers but lotion, all-over wash (now replacing separate soap and shampoo) again in various scents or nonsense (yeah, I know), and packs of travel tissues in designer colors.

Decided that Mom needed a gift, too, so on the way home I bought her a bottle of Crown Royal, her beverage of choice for after the baby arrives.

As luck would have it, the Sunday paper had a coupon for $3 off Pampers from Target, so I popped that into the card, which was pink and said, “Oh, you’re having a sweet, cute, little girl. Lucky you.” Inside, the little girl is lying on her back, saying to herself, “I wonder when we get to go shopping?” Perfect for a Mom would move into the nearby Coach outlet store if the opportunity arose. The answer for real is probably some time around the kid’s first birthday, given the amount of stuff she got.

Anyway, the shower was glorious – probably about 60 people – her family, his family, friends from her childhood, friends from the last few years. Perfect food with finger sandwiches, a huge bowl of fruit, broccoli squares, and instead of the traditional cake, a plate of assorted cookies on each table. Amy’s Mom passed around a huge bowl of truffles that tasted like Oreo cookies. So sweet that one required two cups of coffee to make my teeth stop hurting. The meal ended with watermelon ice – courtesy of their friend Ann Vecchito Anderson whose family owns a legendary lemon ice business.

The best presents were the large numbers of books – Goodnight, Moon, of course, and one my permanent favorites, Where the Wild Things Are. Amy seemed genuinely moved that people bought such thoughtful gifts – but she’s a terrific young woman and we all love her.


2 Responses to “Baby, Oh, Baby”

  1. Harv Says:

    including one piece pj’s with duckie and bunny feet

    This is my favorite. Nancy says I look cute in these pjs.

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