Art for a Summer Evening

This day has been one big interruption from about 2 p.m. on. And before that I was running to the store because my sister-in-law decided about noon to have a cookout tomorrow. The entire town must have been shopping. After that, the tropical afternoon began. Sun and heat for 20 minutes, then a cloudburst with some ferocious lightning and thunder. It is now 7:30 p.m. The sun is out, but everything outside is dripping.

Despite threats of downpours and thunderstorms (again!) my friend Thelma and I ventured to the Guilford Free Library last evening to view an exhibition of paintings by The French Connection, a group of artists who have been painting and displaying together for years. My main impetus was to see the works of Dodie Ruimerman, daughter of my mentor Puffin D’Oench. Dodie came to the group recently but displays a fine eye with her seascapes and New England inspired structures. My favorite was a rather stormy looking view of the Deep River, the one painting she promised her mother she wouldn’t sell.

Other artists in the exhibition had seascapes as well, and one artist incorporates shells and small beads into her works.

Central and southern Connecticut offers a great deal of talent. The paintings are on view until the end of the month.

The exhibit also offered the chance to see more friends and acquaintances than I expected, including a former colleague from the Hartford Courant, whom I hadn’t seen in at least four years. And I learned that Arthur, Puffin’s little dog, extended his nibbling beyond the president of Wesleyan. He seemed to prefer gnawing on the faculty in general. I don’t know what that says about his taste in people.

We managed to make it back home before the sky opened up, again! The weather people claim that today is the last day for all these storms, but I’m convinced that my umbrella will continue to be a permanent accessory for all time.

Hope everyone has a dry, happy and QUIET Fourth.


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