Electrifying Distraction

Today is a day of distraction. The electrician will be here to seek out the gremlins in the circuit breakers. It all started about two weeks ago when two outlets in the bedroom stopped working. Of course they were the ones with the clock radio, bedside lamp. The other one has the cat’s bed, which isn’t as crucial when the weather turns hot and sticky. They stopped working in the late afternoon. The next a.m. two utility outlets, one on the porch, one outside that controls the retractable awning stopped, too. We thought that was a dead battery for the remote and so went and replaced it. Of course nothing happened.

I had called my regular electrician. No call back. Called another electrician. They called back several hours later and said they couldn’t help but provided the name of someone who could. In the meantime I had called a third company, which promised to let me know if they could do the job. Never heard a word from them, either.

In the meantime, Larry did something to the breaker box and the outlets started working again. Then the upstairs stopped working again Monday morning, followed by the outside ones in the afternoon. I called my original guy again and this time he called back right away.

And he arrived at 8:10 – said that the house may have been hit by lightning because the ground fault was “a little funky.” Of course what we have isn’t made any more, but he’s installing something that’ll take care of the problem. Just as he was leaving, I checked and the upstairs still wasn’t working. He checked the two dead sockets and the lines buried in the closet. He had to go up in the attic to fix stuff. Said the attic fan made the place nice and cool. Usually he dreads going into attics at this time of year because they are broiling. Of course it didn’t hurt that the sun wasn’t shining.

A half hour later he was done and we have lights all around.

Of course I’m still two hours behind on my usual stuff.


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