Too Much To Do, Again

Quick hit: The NYT is asking readers to vote on their favorite song from Woodstock. I didn’t get to wallow in the mud that weekend – some of us had to work and couldn’t play hooky. My favorite song was Hendrix’s wrenching guitar solo of “The Star Spangled Banner.” (As of 8 p.m., it led the voting 2:1 over its next closest rival, Country Joe McDonald’s “Fish Cheer/I Feel Like I’m Fixing To Die Rag.”

Today is going to turn out to be one of those days when I try to pack twenty-four hours worth of stuff into sixteen. It all started yesterday afternoon when I went to have lunch with my former colleagues at the Hartford Courant. It was sad that out of the seven of us, only two still work at the place, and one of those is part-time. Lunch was good, though, an all-you-can eat Indian buffet for $7 per person. It was too hot (second day of 90+ degrees) to eat dinner last night, plus I was still full from lunch. So I woke up this a.m. a bit light-headed. Probably can skip the heavy-duty workout.

Then last evening I met with the other planners for our Middletown Press reunion luncheon which is next month. We’ve been collecting emails and sending notices. It’s amazing that we only have a few snail-mail letters to send, which is one of my chores for today.

Since I couldn’t go to the hospital for Reiki yesterday, I’m going this afternoon. And I need to start reading that 135-page Google settlement.

Just as I was about to pick one of the topics that I’ve been saving for this blog, my anti-virus program announced that it needed to scan. It’s been going crazy for the past several days, updating and scanning, updating and scanning, so I thought it was all au courant. But no, it yelled at me that it hadn’t run a full scan since August 4. It did block some virus or worm or something a couple of days ago. I think it said the thing was trying to rearrange or delete pieces of Microsoft Office. And something screwy is going on with the AOL email account that Larry keeps for me. Usually it has maybe one or two messages, always spam. Then on Sunday he came in and said I had 29 messages. They had arrived between Saturday afternoon and whenever I looked at the account on Sunday. Just checked this a.m., and there were eighteen more to send to spam and delete, aaarrgghh!

So now I’m writing at a snail’s pace and twiddling my thumbs while web sites open as I wait for Trend Micro to finish its scan, which has been going on for the past half-hour. Time to take a coffee break.

OK, it’s twenty minutes later, and the )*(^)(*^)& thing still isn’t finished. I can’t surf the web, and it took two tries to open this Word document, which I had closed, hoping that it would speed things up. I’m still waiting at least ten to fifteen seconds to see the words appear on the screen. In another minute I’m going to give up and go clean the cat’s water dish or do one of the other 59 chores on today’s list.

It took more than an hour for Trend Micro to finish, and I’m now so behind on everything I’ll never catch up! And that’s with doing a bunch of paperwork while I waited.

Then this afternoon the icon for Firefox disappeared from the status bar. I suspect an Explorer attack but have no way to prove it. Part of the reason I try to avoid Microsoft products, Explorer, MSN, etc., etc., is because they are far more prone to hacker attacks than the “open” programs.  Plus Firefox and Thunderbird aren’t nearly as rude when it’s time for an update.

Then my Excel program canceled the grid lines. Now you see them, now you don’t. I got them back, but I sure don’t get why they wandered away on their own.

Today is one of those days when the marvels of modern technology aren’t.


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