Quick Hit

Update on the charley horse: Much better, but I’m not sure if it’s because of the quinine, the Benadryl, elevation for a good part of the day, or a change of computer chairs. Did some yoga, which seemed to help, too.

This entry is quick because (1) I don’t have much to say on the subject and (2) ranting against the NYTimes has filled too much of this of this blog anyway.

I missed the original story that prompted Clark Hoyt to write “The Insult Was Extra Large” in Sunday’s paper. But Cintra Wilson infuriated a great many people. Among other sins, she called J.C. Penney a “dowdy Middle American entity in … big old shorts and flip-flops.” She even insulted the mannequins, calling them obese and saying they probably needed special insulin to keep their limbs on.

The sad part was that she seemed to be clueless that her comments would upset people. Even her first “apology” really wasn’t. She told readers to “remove the knot from your panties, join me for a cigarette and several Pucker martinis.” She finally acknowledged to Hoyt that it was “kind of provincial” of her not to figure out that readers might be upset. If she’s that clueless, maybe she shouldn’t be writing for the Times.

One of her fans thinks that the alternative to nasty and inaccurate is boring. This guy believes Hoyt and Times Exec Editor Bill Keller deserve to be pilloried for criticizing someone who thinks that stores like J.C. Penney don’t deserve to be in Manhattan since they cater to real women (as opposed to the Size 0s of the world.) This is also a man who seems to spend his day commenting on his own blog!


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