Class Meets Crass

The two-day story of my flat tire will have to wait. I have to write about the president’s speech and the fallout from it.

I started out on Twitter: commenting that I was watching Hillary shake hands with all 535 legislators. Then watching Obama being hugged by all 535 folks (not quite, but it did seem that way.)

The man delivered the goods: The speech was clear and specific. He’s still allowing Congress to decide among several alternatives, which is a smart move considering how Bill Clinton’s proposal crashed and burned after he tried to ram it down the throats of unwilling legislators. I didn’t Tweet it but did wonder how Hillary must have felt about rising to applaud a great many of the items she proposed all those years ago. Final Tweet came somewhere down the line when I speculated that I might at last be able to afford a medication I need that has a monthly co-pay of $100.

The Republicans again showed how they continue to occupy a planet somewhere near the outer rings of Saturn with their inability to grasp reality. Protecting doctors from lawsuits won’t gain the average restaurant worker gain health insurance.

And last night they again signaled their abject fear of the change that Mr. Obama’s election symbolized: The country is moving on and leaving that group of old white men behind. I don’t understand how the representative from South Carolina could decide that the reform plans cover undocumented workers when not one of the proposals that has passed any committee includes this group of people.

And then one of the GOP compounded the felony today by saying the Democrats won’t limit provisions to citizens. Of course they won’t. Anyone who is in the country legally should be entitled to the same coverage as a citizen. Otherwise, I suspect that a great many folks will leave their jobs, with their employer-provided health plans and go back to England or Sweden or France. Hell, even Cuba provides health care to non-citizens who are in the country legally.

The plus side is that Rob Miller, the Democrat who opposed  Rep. “you lie” last year, has received a huge boost in fundraising with almost $500,000 as of 8 p.m.

Mr. Obama, of course, handled the eruption with his usual aplomb.

As for me, the lyrics to a Mardi Gras song began running through my head: “Meet me, boys, on the battle front/The Wild Tchopatoulas gonna stomp some rump.” I say put Rahm Emanuel on the case and that’ll be the end of that.


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