Another Quick Hit

Quick hit today because my week is in chaos in anticipation of the trip to San Francisco. Forty people celebrated the Middletown Press reunion on Sunday. Everyone seemed to have a fabulous time. We started arriving at the venue as the March of Dimes motorcycle cavalcade was departing for the annual fundraising ride to the Shoreline. But it was no sweat for the folks who serve. They changed gears from Harley riders in leathers and a Twisted Sister tribute band to retirees in sports jackets and reporters in jeans who were listening to CDs from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s.

The food drew raves. I can vouch for the roasted vegetable medley: zucchini, eggplant, carrots, and broccoli – as well as the penne marinara. Everyone else devoured the porchetta and lemon herb chicken. There was more than enough to feed the crowd that ranged in age from two to 92.

Many folks brought photos or souvenir editions of the paper. One guy brought a piece of the actual building, which was destroyed under rather strange circumstances to make room for a Rite Aid. Strange because Rite Aid was occupying a perfectly good building two doors away. We all decided that the Middletown Press was the best place to work – and some of us have had extensive experience to form a basis for comparison. I said if Derry and Woody D’Oench still owned the place, I’d still be working there. Everyone who heard me nodded their heads.

So after a day of reminiscences and relaxation, today is occupied with Reiki and organizing some information I want to research while I’m in Earthquake Land. Tomorrow I have lunch with my Hartford Courant colleagues and do a final bit of laundry. Can’t wait to hear their take on the “aggregation” incident from late August.

Wednesday I will undoubtedly be running around in circles before wheels up on Thursday.


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