FedEx Flunks

For reasons I don’t understand this never went up on Friday, and I never booted up the computer yesterday. So here is Friday’s post, two days late.

We interrupt the narrative of Anna’s birthday celebration to bring you the saga of how FedEx flunked twice: once on delivery, and once on customer service. The delivery problem has occurred in the past, so I guess you could say FX was three-times a loser since it failed to learn from its mistakes.

I don’t want to identify the name of the street where my cousins live, so let’s just call it Myrtle Path. There is another street in town with the name Myrtle Road. It’s in the same town, same zip code, and there is a couple who lives at the same number on Myrtle Road that Ash and Kathryn have on Myrtle Path. FedEx has more than once delivered a package intended for Myrtle Road to Myrtle Path. And since the path is extremely steep, I’m sure they aren’t happy if they have to retrieve same.

Anyway FedEx repeated its error while we were visiting. The guy just dumped the box,  and didn’t bother to knock, even though Anna saw him running away, and he most obviously saw her.

When Kathryn arrived, she called FedEx and explained the problem. The customer service rep said the location she needed was closed but she could talk to an agent. She asked to have someone pick up the package and was told, “Our system is down, and we can’t.” She called back and asked the person to write down the information so FedEx could deliver the package to the intended recipients. The rep said, “We can’t do that.” She said, “What do you mean? Can’t or won’t?” She repeated the statement to us and then said, “There are three other people here and none of us believes you.”

Eventually she called the folks on Myrtle Road to let them know the package would be waiting for them on the deck. The box had come from a gift store, which had a phone number listed on the box. The next day Kathryn called the store and told them what had happened.

The package was sitting on a bench outside when Anna and I went for a walk on Monday. When we returned, the package was gone. A few minutes later a woman showed up looking for it. Anna and I looked around to see if Ash or Kathryn had put it back inside. I tried to call Ash to see if he knew anything about it. By the time I got his voicemail, the woman was gone. She was livid at having to climb all that way and discover no package.

When Kathryn came home we figured out that the shop had called FedEx, which miraculously was able to take down the information, retrieve the package and (we hoped) deliver it to the correct address.

The moral of the story: Don’t trust a delivery system that can’t find a piece of paper and a pen. And don’t trust a delivery system that can’t tell a path from a road.


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