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This entry will be another quick hit. I know they are becoming more frequent, but between standing in line at the post office, walking to get the flu shot, and waiting for the computer to update its various parts, my day has been a bit fragmented.

Came across Frank Lockwood, the Bible Belt Blogger today. Love that his most recent claim to fame is giving the NYTimes’s Jill Abramson a new experience by taking her to a Pentecostal church in Argentina that featured snake handling and an exorcism in which he, the blogger, became a participant.

The blog in the Arkansas Democrat & Gazette covers the landscape with just the right balance of respect and irreverence. His emphasis, as might be guessed from the fact that he writes for a paper in the heart of the Bible Belt, is on the Christian God, though he does stray. He had a recent entry on the Libyan dictator trying to convert 100 aspiring Italian models to Islam. Mr. Lockwood thought The Onion made that one up. I thought the colonel was reverting to crazy mode.

The Onion had to be the source, though, for the first of two back-to-back entries on Judaism. It was a maybe bogus report about nose-picking on the Sabbath. The other, on outlawing Shabbat elevators in Jerusalem seemed far more plausible. And there’s a quasi-Buddhist entry about the furor over the selection of a “Christian-Buddhist” bishop to an Episcopal diocese.

My favorites so far: the Boston Globe article that I found through his blog indicating a belief in hell is good for developing economies. Belief doesn’t seem to matter in places like the US.

Also good, “Satan causes cavities and weight gain, too.” That one of course was filed two days before Halloween and came from the Christian Broadcasting Network. I had heard that one before, but it’s nice to have another laugh.


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