This and That

It’s been another day of constant interruptions, so here are few short items.

The Manchester Journal Inquirer has sued the Hartford Courant charging plagiarism over the Courant’s use copyrighted JI stories. (See “Aggregation, Plagiarism, or Theft?” September 2) The Courant apologized, and that was just what the JI’s lawyers needed. I predict the Courant’s publisher will be in some deep doo-doo  once the higher ups at Tribune finish bailing out of the bankruptcy. You go, Chris!

Thanksgiving weekend is shaping up to be very, very busy. Besides the usual Turkey Day festivities (including the baking of the mince pies), my mother-in-law will turn 85 on Saturday. The next day, a young friend of ours will turn 21. Not long ago she said, “Just park me on a bar stool and keep feeding me shots!” Her father turned a whiter shade of pale. That same day a waitress at the local diner/watering hole is turning 90. Yes, she still works there, and they’re throwing a party for her. Something else is going on but whatever it is has escaped me.

I think I finally learned why Georgia leads the nation in bank failures by a huge number. My cousin and I have been mulling (love that word!) this question for some time. She works as a bank examiner in Colorado and gets a memo from the FDIC every Friday after they’ve seized a bank. She said if there are three banks on the list, one is invariably from Georgia. We speculated that it was because of speculation from the housing boom around Atlanta. We were right on that score, according to Business Week. But there was more. The Peach State starred in brokered deposits. Those banks must have offered some great rates. Wish I’d known!

Now off to create my stations on Pandora Radio. The first song I got was “Freddy Freeloader.” Full report to follow.


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