Buy Nothing Day

Hope everyone had a fabulous, glutinous Turkey Day. I ate too much and will be revisiting my dietary habits over the next few days and weeks – after Ma’s birthday tomorrow and two more on Sunday.

Today I am celebrating Buy Nothing Day. It has a lighthearted side – as you can order “nothing” and get a free instruction manual for $5 and T-shirts that say nothing for $20. But don’t order them on BND.

This is my favorite BND site, though the woman looks rather more like she’s running from H1N1 or complying with the dress code in one of the more restrictive Muslim countries.

Despite the lighter side, Adbusters, which sponsors BND, turned serious last year with a look at the underlying causes for the economic crisis. One of the co-founders said the causes of were not the big Wall Streeters and bank craziness. Rather, “It’s our culture of excess and meaningless consumption — the glorified spending and borrowing of the past decade that’s at the root of the crisis we now find ourselves in.” The borrowing seems to be dying down because people have lost their jobs, but based on pictures of lines waiting outside the stores, the consumption goes on. Folks are just looking for more serious bargains.

In honor of the day I am skipping Sushi Friday. Celebrating BND will also counterbalance my sister-in-law who was planning to be at JC Penny at 4 a.m.! That’s just cruel and unusual but better than Toys R Us at midnight where police from three towns had to quell the herd.

So here’s what I’m doing instead of shopping: catching up on accumulated magazines, newspapers, and online journals; sorting through the piles of clippings and other items I’ve collected for this blog; making another round of coulibiac because there was way more filling for the reduced-size phyllo that’s been around in recent years; writing a couple of letters; exercising;  listening to the Ig Nobel awards. My favorite bit is the way they curtail boring speeches. A little girl whines, “Please stop. I’m bored” over and over until the person stops. The awards deserve recognition because they get actual Nobel laureates to attend. The highlight of this year’s awards was the bra that converts to a double gas mask, one for the bra wearer and one for a lucky invitee.

Well, I finished the workout and am proud? ashamed? to admit that I remembered all but one of the verses to “American Pie,” that interminable, kitschy, overblown paean to Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, and Richie Valens. It’s boring and self-conscious but the beat is perfect for a workout.

Also finished making the coulibiac. Note for next year: It is a far, far better thing to defrost the phyllo overnight in the fridge than to leave it on the counter for two hours. (Sorry, Charlie).

Celebration of BND was no problem since the weather continues to be rainy, windy, and raw. Plus, Larry took my car.


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