Birthday, Birthday, Birthday

Larry and I helped celebrate three birthdays in two days. All were fun but left us exhausted. First up was Ma, Larry’s mother. She turned 85 on Saturday and declared she was celebrating at home. I ducked out from under a pile of laundry to run to the store for a gift bag. The family arrived bearing cake and gifts at 11 a.m., so we could start the party before the UConn football game, which began at noon or maybe 12:30.

Ma was already having a busy day, with phone calls from one of her brothers, her sister-in-law, and her out-of-town daughter, who had sent a huge bouquet of flowers.

Deb had bought a suit, Ma’s requested present, and I provided accessories in the form of a glittery pin from Liz Claiborne and a scarf that complemented the mustard-yellow, greenish, ochre-ish color of the suit jacket. Deb managed to find the only color on the planet that could not be replicated, so the colors in the pin reflected the rainbow. And the scarf had a base that was somewhat more yellow, with a delicate multi-colored pattern. At least she can wear the scarf with other stuff even if it didn’t go with the suit. We toasted Ma and chatted. They settled in to watch the game as I ran home to transfer another stack o’ laundry to the washer. Then I ran out again to do a bunch of errands.

We laid low for a bit in the afternoon as we knew we had another birthday to celebrate late late late that night. Our young friend Molly was turning 21 on Sunday, but she wanted to start early by having her first drink just after midnight. We dragged ourselves out at and stayed for as long as we could keep our eyes open. Her first drink was some vodka concoction. Then she switched to Peachtree schnapps plus an undisclosed mixer. Her father told her, “If you throw up, you have to change your own sheets!”

We know someone else bought her another drink of something with rum (I think), but she looked fine the next day at the third birthday party for Helen, the waitress at the restaurant/bar that belongs to Larry’s classmates. She turned 90, and the restaurant threw a party. The place was full of people munching on hors d’oeuvres and congratulating her on still working at her age. Channel 3-TV showed up to tape the event, but I forgot to watch the news last night and can’t find anything on the web site.

After being out until the wee hours, I took a nap Sunday afternoon but couldn’t get to sleep because we had a yippy dog visiting. So I was in bed by 10:30 last night and asleep by 10:35.


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