Too Much To Do, Encore

Today has been another one of those days, beginning with a string of phone calls, including one asking if we ever served anything but ice cream at James’ Pharmacy (not that I know of), shopping (remind me not to go after 3 p.m. any weekday), Reiki (which included an uncooperative boombox and a CD that refused to play the first cut), an evening meeting that ended just in time for me to listen to the president explain why he’s sending 30,000 ore troops to Afghanistan. At least I feel the decision came after careful thought.

It is such a relief to read pieces like Jacob Weisberg’s, which actually analyze instead of bloviating.

Did discover that Pandora radio doesn’t like to be abandoned. It cuts off if one doesn’t interact with it. I guess the theory is if you’re not near the computer you’re less likely to look at the ads or buy the music.


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