Where Have I Been?

That’s been the question of the day since Thursday. In fact it’s been so long, my own blog didn’t recognize me. I had to log in. Another reason for depression.

Two days of writing went down the tubes, and I am sitting here trying to figure out why. I know I went to a couple of libraries over the last few days where I spent most of the time worrying because everyone around me was sneezing. H1N1? Seasonal? One of the many variety of colds? I should know in a day or so.

Larry and I had an appointment Thursday afternoon for which I needed to gather some information. It took until about five minutes before we were due to leave, and then I left the folder on the kitchen counter. After that we had to go pick up Larry’s car from the repair shop and the guy discovered a new leak after he though everything was fixed.

On Friday I chased some blind alleys in the research that won’t end. Friday evening we went to a Christmas party. The DJ must have thought everyone grew up listening to Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. Once he realized we wanted the Pointer Sisters and the Boss, folks got up on their feet and stayed there. I took an Advil before bed and happily had no sore muscles on Saturday, which was a day of cleaning, etc. It was easy to stay inside because we had our first true snow of the season. The unfortunate result was that the only progress I made in the area of work was clearing a path between the door and the desk and retrieving the papers Isis flipped around with her tail.

The roads were still a bit icy when I slid down the hill Sunday a.m. to get my paper. Then in the afternoon we went to another birthday party – this one the official celebration for our friend who turned 21 last weekend.

My car went to the doctor at 8 a.m. Monday for an oil change and tire rotation – walked home the mile-plus. Last week’s yappy dog returned for puppy boot camp. The phone rang and rang. One call was from the repair shop saying that the car had a couple of problems. There was a minor light bulb issue that I could  ignore, but the other problem, a CV boot leaking something or other, means I have to take the car back on Thursday. As I was walking back to get the car I reflected on the fact that the folks at the previous repair place were supposed to have fixed something similar. Oh, well. I made the mistake of stopping by the grocery store on the way home. What a chaotic mess.

Tried to start work but there were only more phone calls, more whining dog. I did manage to finish one of the books I’d borrowed from the library weeks ago. Ended my day at 10:30 last night.

This morning, the phone rang at 8, then a different dog arrived at 8:15. Then the guy arrived to service the oil burner at 9:30, a half hour late. Then whining puppy returned. Reiki was a welcome break, but even then a doctor banged on the door and walked in as I was about 10 minutes into a 20-minute session. (I guess docs can’t read the sign that says “Please do not disturb.”) The patient told him to get out. He looked surprised. She said, “Go away!” He said, “That’s not the first time someone said that to me. And it won’t be the last.” He just ignores the signs. I laughed and asked him if the stethoscope hanging on the back of the door was his. He said no, so I laughed again and stepped out of the room. He made my day.

A couple of things of note:

On the subject of weather, I love the analogy between cellular telelphone coverage and San Francisco’s weather in “You Lie, Luke Wilson,” that they both vary by neighborhood and mostly suck. But it’s 40 degrees and sunny at the reporting station in S.F., unlike my cousin Anna’s neighborhood outside Denver where it’s 5 degrees and about to snow, again.

Mediaite put together a retrospective of “leaders” who died between 2000 and 2009. It was a terrific list, completely lacking in any person of color. And even when the editors added the likes of Shirley Jackson and Michael Jackson and Ed Bradley, they put their foot in it. As the commenters noted, there’s still no mention of August Wilson or Carl Rowan. My comment: We’re still in the back of the bus.

The Energizer bunny needs to emulate Alexander McCall Smith. As I have mentioned more than once (“Only a Story,” “Precious on HBO,” “RIP, Tony Hillerman,”) AMS is among my favorite authors, but I don’t get how he manages to produce such huge quantity in some many genres. As one who has trouble putting together a couple of hundred words a day without major angst, his genius is a source of inspiration and desperation.

I didn’t realize that it was news that municipal drinking water is dirty. Back in the 1980s Philadelphia was bragging about arsenic levels that were something like 1/1,000,000 of a percent below the danger levels. I had neighbors who wouldn’t even shower in tap water. It should not come as a surprise that quality has deteriorated.

And finally, a question for Joe Lieberman: Why don’t you want the rest of us to have the sort of health coverage you enjoy?


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