Another Round of Too Much To Do

After I returned from the store yesterday, I returned to bed, where I reposed until this morning except for two excursions downstairs, one for a bowl of soup about 4 p.m. and a bit later to feed the cat, eat more soup and post yesterday’s entry. I seem to have fended off the worst of a cold. The fact that I could take a nap (or two) was an indication of something seriously wrong. I haven’t been able to sleep in the middle of the day since the Reagan administration. (I don’t think there was a connection, but you never know…)

It is now 8 p.m. and I feel terrific that I’ve been able to be on my feet for more than 12 hours today.

In between yesterday’s naps I made mental lists of what I have to do over the next few days.


  • shop for booze for Christmas Eve
  • return books to library
  • deposit clothes in used clothing bin
  • shop for plates, napkins and a few odds and ends of food
  • wrap presents
  • retrieve poster from frame shop
  • deliver paperwork to secretary for former church

(Note: at the end of the day I had not gone to the grocery store nor returned the library books, so those chores get added to tomorrow’s list.)


  • make two pies for our friends who did not get them at Thanksgiving
  • go to O.S. with a gift for my parents’ next door neighbor
  • deliver pies
  • transfer frozen foods – turkey, shrimp, etc. to refrigerator or back porch where it’s the same temp as the fridge
  • drop off check for oil bill
  • return books to library
  • shop for plates, napkins and a few odds and ends of food

Christmas Eve:

  • finish getting house ready for family gathering
  • prepare food
  • entertain family

Christmas Day:

  • cook turkey, sweet potatoes, green beans
  • pick up Anna at the airport
  • serve dinner
  • collapse

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