Where Wuz I?

I usually start these entries around 8 a.m., glance at them once or twice throughout the day and finish them around 8 p.m. It is now after 7:30 p.m. and I’m just starting. Of course as I started, Word informed me that it couldn’t save because of a file error. And I’ve got three temporary files in the folder. So I stopped and created another file, which seems to save fine. Later the I went back and deleted the temp files and the old file and renamed the new one. Sigh.

Here’s what I accomplished today: Woke up at 5 and couldn’t get back to sleep until 6:30. Was supposed to arise at 7, got out of bed at 7:50 – at the grocery store at 8:15. It wasn’t too bad, sort of like Sunday morning with a half-full parking lot and a few people who had carts loaded to the gills. Ran into two people I haven’t seen in ages. Kathy had so few things she had them in her arms instead of a shopping bag. Al had the conveyor belt full and a cart that was still crammed with groceries.

Got home and baked a mince pie (filling made back in November) and a berry pie (frozen filling purchased at Thanksgiving also). While the pies were baking tossed in one load of laundry. When the pies finished, two loads had gone through the wash and the first one was in the dryer. Did a quick change of clothes, packed up pies, the gift for my parents’ neighbor, and the oil bill. On the way to drop off the check, I got stuck in traffic near two schools that were getting out early. Once I got on the road to Old Saybrook, the normal half-hour drive took almost an hour between the school delays and the back up in on the railroad overpass and by the entrance to the shopping center. It felt like a bad weekend in the summer by the time I arrived.

Had a delightful visit with my parents’ next door neighbor. It was sad to learn that houses on both sides of his are empty. The people who bought my parents’ house made their second move to Houston, Texas, but are planning to return during the summers. In the meantime the house sits empty. I don’t know if they’ve tried to rent it. The house on the other side is empty, too, and Bob doesn’t know what happened. It sounds like a foreclosure. And one of the houses across the street is for sale. These are places that in the boom were going for $1 million – or at least that was the asking price. The area still looks gorgeous, though, and with the snow two feet of snow piled around it’s postcard perfect.

Zipped back to Middletown with no obstacles – everyone was still at the mall. I dropped the pies at Barbara and Hector’s. They were eagerly awaiting the UConn women’s game against No. 2 Stamford. (Before I sat down, we had won, but I don’t know what the score was because I was doing other stuff.) That included finishing the laundry and starting the table decorations for tomorrow. Barbara gave me three gorgeous dish towels in red, white and green plaid, which I plan to use for table runners. The bread basket I’m saving for a smaller gathering. Still have to put the pretty hand towels in the guest bathroom and do a whole bunch o’ other stuff.

Am worried about Anna’s arrival on Friday. She’ll be OK leaving and OK in Connecticut, but there’s an awful mess in between. At least she’s flying through Minneapolis where they are used to dealing with snow as opposed to any of those idiot places that pretend they don’t need snow removal equipment.

Update: I got everything done on my list except the books. Looks like they are in place until January, at which point they will be overdue. Oh, well.


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