‘There’s a Tree in the Pool’

Sorry this post has been delayed. Explanation follows.

A full house on Christmas Eve, gifts Christmas morning, dinner prep, Anna’s arrival on Northwest just as reports were surfacing about the bomber with the chemicals in his underwear aboard a different Northwest flight, Christmas dinner, tea with friend one day, lunch with a friend of Anna’s on another, a trip to her old stomping grounds in New London.

It was all enjoyable until Tuesday, which was one of the coldest and probably the windiest I’ve experienced. The temp never went above 16, and the weather service reported gusts of more than 40 mph. Wind chills stayed in the negative range all day. We were shivering and watching the trees blow around and heard a report that one blast knocked over a tree that fell on a postal truck, killing the woman driving it. So sad.

Anna’s college friend came for lunch despite the cold and wind. We had finished our soup and were working on sandwiches when Larry, who had just come in from walking the resident boarder dog, called me from the kitchen. I thought, “What’s so important? And why can’t he just tell me?” I excused myself and walked to the window.

There to my utter horror was the top three quarters of an enormous pine that sits on our property line lying across our neighbor’s above ground pool with the crown sticking out on the side closest to the house. Guy and Kelli take unbelievable care of their pool – it never has so much as a leaf in it, and he built an elegant railing to go around it that they re-stain every spring. The railing was spared, thank God.

Of course I lost my appetite. Picked up the phone and called them – no answer, left a message. Fixed tea for everyone, which seemed to calm my nerves a bit. After Anna’s friend left, I tracked down a number for Kelli’s mom. She answered and as soon as I said, “This is Liz,” she said that Guy had already called his insurance agent. We’re pretty sure that what’s left of the tree is on our property, but all the damage is on theirs.

Not long after our neighbor on the other side came walking over wearing just a long-sleeved T-shirt and a pair of cords – no hat, not gloves, no coat. I ran out and yelled, “Mike, put on a coat!”

Eventually Kelli called back, laughing. She said, “I know, I know, there’s a tree in the pool. We were the last people in the neighborhood to find out.” Guy had taken their son and a friend to the movies, and Kelli and her mom had been shopping. I told her I was just grateful that everything would be fixed before they wanted to use the pool. She said, “It’s 15 degrees outside, I’m not about to go for a swim.”

Someone told Larry that the man who lives down the hill from them was outside when the tree cracked. He stood and watched until the water started gushing out of the pool and then turned and ran into the house. We had our own little tsunami without the earthquake but with beaucoup greenery.

We are all extremely thankful that the damage wasn’t any more extensive. While I was gazing out the window I saw three huge power company bucket trucks pass by. My friend Thelma, who lives about a mile away in the direction where they were headed, reported today that she lost power for a few minutes, so the outage was somewhere between here and there. At least we weren’t like the town of Plainville where the whole town went out. Those folks have their power back, but other places in the state have been in the cold and dark ever since. And today the temps rose to a balmy 30 degrees with no wind.

Prediction: Things will improve in 2010.

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