As I Was Saying …

Before I was so rudely interrupted by the tree-pool collision, we had a marvelous Christmas if somewhat more hectic than I like. The festivities began Christmas Eve with company arriving at 4 p.m. Deb brought sliced ham and cheese and bread for sandwiches. Sharon brought chicken wings. Ma brought awesome deviled eggs which I forgot to serve – but we chowed down on them on Christmas day and thereafter. She found it amusing that Larry and I were eating them for breakfast. We said, “Why not? They’re eggs.”

Also on the Christmas Eve menu, shrimp, hot hors d’oeuvres of mushroom quiche, mini spanakopita, the usual chips and dip, and salted nuts. Guests brought bottles of wine, so I won’t have to go to the liquor store for weeks. My friends Barb and Hector gave me a basket of Christmas dish towels in red and various red-green-and white plaids. I used them for table runners. My next door neighbor arrived with a red polka-dot oven mitt, pot holder and dish towel combo. The only thing missing was a fire in the fireplace, but I just didn’t have time to make one.

Besides family and next door neighbors, our friends Rob and Maria and Thelma and John stopped in. Maria brought us a gorgeous bouquet of berries, evergreen and red and white roses. She is certified in floral design, having taken classes at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, among other places. She and Rob only stayed for a minute because they had 18 people arriving for dinner in an hour and hadn’t finished their preparations.

Everyone went on their way by 8 p.m., most people claiming unwrapped presents and food preparation. We cleaned up in preparation for Anna’s arrival.

We opened presents in the morning. I got my wish – the Oxford Atlas of the World – glorious. Larry has worn my gift of an LL Bean jacket every day since he unwrapped it. Anna gave him a lighter weight jacket to go under it when the weather dips into the arctic range as it did Tuesday. I also received a scarf – brown with black polka dots, a Party Lite silver fir infusion kit, and two jackets – one white fleece from Deb and the other mauve from Ma. I wore the latter under my down jacket when we went out to dinner Tuesday night. Anna gave me a light blue fleece bathrobe that is so warm I didn’t want to take it off. Ash and Kathryn sent a deliriously good fruit cake (no kidding) that went very light on the candied fruit but heavy on the rum? cognac? Also a DVD of their latest film that I plan to watch ASAP.

After we opened presents I roasted the turkey breast, boiled and mashed the sweet potatoes, cut up the green beans. By the time I had finished it was time to go to the airport with a quick detour to drop off a gift at Thelma and John’s because I’d forgotten to give it to them the night before.

We zipped back from the airport where we dined on turkey breast (I had coulibiac that had been reposing in the freezer since Thanksgiving), mashed sweet potatoes, green beans and salad. Desert was fruit and cookies.

Saturday dawned nasty and raw with wind out of the northeast, so we went to the local fruit and vegetable store – great produce, no waiting, and then hunkered down. Anna watched Ash and Kathryn’s other movies.

I couldn’t do my usual walk on Sunday to get the newspaper because it was still raining, but it cleared later and warmed up later, so Anna and I went to look at the destroyed horse track that now has three houses on it with plans for eight more. I predict they will all have water in their basements despite the attempt to create a drainage area with cattails and riprap. Since the asking prices had been in the half-million dollar range, there’s a good chance the rest won’t be built.

Thelma came for tea in the afternoon. We drank African red bush tea and toasted Mma Ramotswe. Ate cheese and crackers, cookies, nuts, and some of the excellent fruit cake. I looked for a copy of one the books to give Anna but all I could find was an Isabel Dalhousie mystery. She opted for a Tony Hillerman instead.

Sunday evening we had salad for dinner because we’d had so much food at tea.

It was my intention to finish the account of Anna’s stay in this entry, but it is now after noon, and I haven’t accomplished any of my morning chores. Instead I ran to the store for our New Year’s Eve dinner (lobster) because it started snowing at 9 and I wanted to be home before the worst of it hit. Then Barb called about the grinders for our basketball trip on Saturday. I had to clean stuff out of the refrigerator in time for the trash pick up. Now it’s on to doing some laundry and cleaning off my desk. (I cleaned the desk but now the piles are all over the floor.

Time to start the Hoppin’ John so it has time to meld for tomorrow

To be continued …

Happy New Year, everyone!


One Response to “As I Was Saying …”

  1. Betsy Says:

    Good grief! Has it been a year since you posted the Hoppin John recipe? Where did the year go?

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