‘Pants on the Ground’

For your laugh of the day watch this clip of  “Pants on the Ground.”

I love the fact that the 63-year old performer essays a split. And no matter what gansta moves he mocks, he may just embarrass those punks into hoisting their pants somewhere north of their ankles, maybe even in the vicinity of their waists. President Obama didn’t succeed, but maybe General Larry Platt will!

And I disagree with David Hinckley that the song or Platt undermines the strength of “American Idol” by threatening to turn it into a “sideshow.” Like it wasn’t already with Paula Abdul drama queen, bitchy Simon Cowell or the scandal du jour. I say the more of the “Pants on the Ground” genre the better. I just might start watching the show. On second thought, probably not.

The cover versions are cringe worthy. Watching Jimmy Fallon perform the song made him even less appealing. Oh, and Bret Favre, keep your day job, but only long enough to let my Saints to beat you! These performances aren’t viral; they’re toxic!

As for General Larry, he’s been trying to get his message across for years, according to his nephew who appeared on “The View.”“Pants on the Ground” just proves that dreams can come true.


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