Burt’s Bees

Winter skin has been a problem for as long as I can remember with chapped lips, cracked and dry hands and feet – not to mention the rest of my anatomy, which threatens to flake off and blow away unless I use extreme measures. This year and last have been made worse by the constant hand washing when I do Reiki at the hospital. We have to wash before and after each patient, and I’ve been even more diligent this year because I couldn’t get a seasonal flu shot. If I saw four patients, that was eight times subjecting myself to soap and water in the space of about three hours.

The problem is the soap that kills germs also destroys my skin. I tried Purell, with the dispensers inside and outside each patient’s room and in strategic locations all over the hospital. Not sure if it’s the perfumes or the dyes but the first time I used it a couple of years ago my hands swelled and itched. I was too distracted at the time to realize what was happening. Now limit my use to once or twice a hospital visit. I still find the smell appalling, not something I want on my hands when I put them near the faces of the patients. After I’m done for the day I carry the odor with me unless I washed and washed and again washed at home with various soaps and whatnot. Taking a long shower and washing my hair supplies about the right amount of cleansing to eradicate the smell.

Also  my finger nails have stopped growing, and what little is left is flaking, and I have cracks at the edges that bleed and snag on the covers when I’m asleep, which no doubt contributes to my insomnia. There is only one source for hand lotion that I could find at the hospital and of course it only stayed on my hands till the next scrub up.

The beauty trick of putting lip gloss (from a tub, not a tube) on the edges of my fingers helped some except that I obviously couldn’t use it at the hospital or at the computer or when handling any paper. So I’d wait till I was ready to go to sleep and then slather it on. I ran out of the store brand and happened to be in my local health food store and picked up a tub of Burt’s Bees. What a difference!

Burt and his bees have been around for quite some time, and I had seen those little round tubs of lip balm with the picture of the scary looking guy for years. When I picked up the tub a couple of weeks ago I was startled to learn that operations had moved from Maine to North Carolina. The web site doesn’t really explain why, but dissention in the ranks emanates from other sources. Burt Shavitz, whose picture appears on all the products, no longer owns the company. In fact, Clorox does. And the hair on the CEO is just as scary as Burt’s. Yipe! It was clear that Burt was after simple living, while Roxanne Quimby was after profits.

So even if Major Corp now owns the bees and their products, I’m happy to report that my nails look progressively better each day – no more scaring the patients. Even better, the cuts are healing and don’t hurt any more. So despite the corporate ownership and sequence of bad puns – business is humming, what’s the buzz? a hive of activity, etc. etc. I’ll be trying out more Burt’s products.


One Response to “Burt’s Bees”

  1. betsy Says:

    Alternately, you could try Zim’s Crack Cream in original oil or in tube of cream form. Works miracles. It smells like oil of cloves, but you get used to it.

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