Annabelle and Other Friday Follies

First a quick update. I’m going to have more on Tribune troubles in a week or so, but I had to link to this article from Baltimore Magazine. The Sun article had a mere ten words in the sub-head, and two had typos. That’s beyond pathetic. While we’re on the subject of competition for the Olympics of errors, Trend-Micro put the following on its web site: “Auto start applications are a huge waist of your system’s resources. First of all they make you PC take longer to launch as your operating system has to wait for each application to load.” I hope the excuse is that the writer’s native language isn’t English, but I have a suspicion that the culprit is relying on “spel-Czech.” Credibility batting zero for both entries.

Now on to Annabelle. I have taken to listening to classical music while I write during the day. It cuts out the barking dog and various other noise intrusions. The stream comes over RealPlayer, which has a typical web display – spots for file, edit, view, with places to store a library, burn CDs, and so forth.

The screen is mostly covered with my work, but when I change files or open a new internet window, I’ve noticed the main part of the screen. It started with Annabelle the Sheep. She danced back and forth on her little stick legs, not in time to the music as far as I could tell. (Found out later that it is supposed to be in time to the music. I suspect she’s not trained in the classical genre.) I found the tab at the bottom of the page that allowed me to sub in another graphic but they were all dizzy-making – “cosmic belt” and “nebula,” which both change color in a rather sickening way, three banks of a fire that looks more fake than the TV log, or “audio analyzer” with bars jumping in time to the music. It was back to Annabelle as “none of the above” was not an option.

It took me months to realize that one could change her appearance and even more time to notice that she comes with set changes – a microphone, snow, the moon at night, birds, a butterfly, clouds, a gopher on a spring, a space ship with little LEDs and two little friends. Today I learned their names are Monica and Casilda, but I think “dooyoo” made up that part.

A couple of days ago I accidently hit the screen and Annabelle suddenly acquired a top hat, then a red baseball hat, then a cowboy hat. A click elsewhere and she had a peace symbol tattooed on her flank. Kind of painful for a peace symbol, isn’t it? So far I’ve given her a pink bow, then pink wool, then a pink feather (I think) and a gold earring, sunglasses, and boots. Then I made her blink her rather large eyes,

At least she’s an improvement on Clippie and can be closed or covered up at any time. However I find I “waist” far too much time so she gets minimized next to the start menu as soon as she launches from now on.


2 Responses to “Annabelle and Other Friday Follies”

  1. betsy Says:

    If you’re not careful, Annabelle could be as big a black hole as youville, farmville, fishville, zooville, and all the other “villes” on facebook. I have taken to hiding all “ville” applications, not to mention mob wars and mafia wars, if for no other reason than they take up space and prevent me from seeing actual posts that may have some meaning to them. There are a lot of people out there who really need to get a life!

  2. The Death of English « Lizr128′s Blog Says:

    […] Death of English By lizr128 As previously noted (“Regret the Error”) “Annabelle and Other Friday Follies,” I love reading about the errors, particularly typos, committed by newspapers and […]

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