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A few short posts this week because Larry and I have an active social schedule that will carry us through to Thursday and maybe Friday. Details to follow.

Back in November I spoke to the students at Read to Succeed. (See “Profiles in Courage,” November 9, 2009). I am pleased to announce that the program now has a web site with the students’ work. It felt great to be the first person to follow the site. Their passion and drive shine through these essays and poems. I wish them great success. Seeing some of these pieces for the first time, and revisiting others, brought home once again how brave the writers are for acknowledging a shortcoming and having the stamina to overcome it. Attending school under ordinary circumstances is a challenge. Add family responsibilities full- or part-time jobs, and I cannot fathom the level commitment needed to overcome a years-old inability to decipher words on a page.

The truly magnificent part of this first set of posts is how the students acknowledge their teachers’ dedication. These folks, and the volunteers who help them, not only provide lessons in reading and writing, they also offer an emotional boost of a kind that’s almost impossible to find after one leaves kindergarten, or maybe first grade. They are part cheerleader, and part coach with the successful students providing emotional support.

I eagerly await the next installments and wish everlasting success to all the students in the program.

Quick hit: I’m glad the Connecticut state police have finally recognized the “grandson scheme” six months after I wrote about it. (See “Spread the Word!” July 16, 2009) Better late than never?


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