Girls’ Night Out

Quick update: Just found out that Public Market catered the installation on Tuesday. Props to John Passacantando and his crew!

And RIP, J.D. Salinger. My mom escaped from New York before you did but otherwise you served as a model for her on how to be a recluse. You succeeded far better than she.

Now for the main event. It was all girls and moms and grandmoms all the time last night at Woodrow Wilson Middle School, and Deb scored another hit. She introduced the annual event – now in its fifth year – by saying, “I see moms running here and there, dropping off their daughters to run and pick up another child. They never have time to stop. So here it is. This is YOUR night. Laugh together, talk to each other, have fun together.”

The evening had several themes – health, beauty and fitness. The overall aim is to build self-esteem in girls in grades five through eight, and to give the caretakers a much-needed break from the chauffeur-chef-coach-teacher-wife treadmill and be a mom or mentor. Wish there were more programs like this. And that we could do this more often, but there’s only one Deb and only so many volunteer hours in the day. We think 350 people attended, but there may have been lots more.

The students and their moms chose from sessions in hair and nail care, kick boxing, scrapbooking, making lip balm, working with clay, making trail mix, learning to read food labels, yoga, etc. etc. Deb outdid herself teaching step aerobics and country line dancing. She couldn’t make her knees bend afterward. I hope she stopped early enough to receive a chair massage. They were being offered throughout the evening.

There are always a couple of sessions that fascinate me, but I’ve never had a chance to observe. One is “Can We Talk?” on improving communication skills. This year two new ones appeared. One called Miss Manners, offered by another sister-in-law, Sharon Riley. I could feel my mother smiling down. Most dismaying was “No Name Calling Week.” There were signs up all over the school about bullying and how to avoid it. I know it’s always been a problem, but apparently now it’s reached epidemic levels. So sad that youngsters who are facing myriad challenges have to deal with this sort of nastiness and that it’s become worse than the stuff I faced.

Kudos to the Women and Girls Fund of the Middlesex County Community Foundation for supporting this great effort.

My Reiki session was overbooked, I think because the moms saw “relaxation technique.” I started the half-hour session at 7:15 and could have filled the rest of the time. I finally stopped at 8:10. Next year I’ll bring another Reiki therapist and use a sign up sheet. Otherwise everyone seemed to think that it went well. I’ve never experienced such strong residuals – I stayed warm for three  hours afterward and pretty much had to force myself to have something to eat. I could have survived on the universal energy.

As a bonus for the evening and another “blast from the past,” (see yesterday’s post) I reconnected with Geoff Colegrove, the executive director of the regional planning agency. I worked alongside Geoff years ago when his office rented space to the Connecticut Inland Wetlands Project where I was office manager/editor. Geoff had a reputation that endures for “big picture” work, making everyone’s lives so much easier. Nice to know he’s still on the job.


3 Responses to “Girls’ Night Out”

  1. Deb P Says:

    Wow! Nice things to say about the evening…And by the way, Happy Birthday! The idea cannot become a reality unless there are people like you who make it happen with no rewards except for the satisfaction it brings. The girls in my school were bragging about all the things they did and were proudly sporting their new beaded braids and using their lip balm. What fun! We’ll have do better next year, for sure. And you are right – thanks and kudos goes out to the MCCF for understanding the need for a program such as this one.

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