Who Dat?

Well, the day is near. The ghost of Bobby D. must be parading around that particular corner of Heaven reserved for Saints, not the folks Catholics think did special stuff, but rather former players and fans of the New Orleans Saints.

Bobby Diliberto began the tradition of “Who Dat?” with a brown paper bag over his head after the Saints, which he called the Aints, failed dismally in the 1980 season. The bag caught on and now there are hundreds of fans walking around in bags that would otherwise being serving for leaf collection. I prefer those giant brown paper ones to the original white one, which looks too much like the hood of a Klan outfit.

Diliberto lives on, too, in another tradition. He said that if the Saints ever made it to the Super Bowl, he’d walk through the French Quarter in a dress. Well, the Saints play the Big Game on Sunday and on January 31, N.O. turned into “Who Dat Nation.” About 2,000 really scary looking guys donned various styles of dresses, skirts (some with no tops), heels, gloves, feminine looking hats, boas, wigs, jewelry, and shawls in honor of Bobby D. Every single one of those marchers could have made the late, lamented Mr. Blackwell’s Worst Dressed List. They needed to take lessons from the guys in drag at Philadelphia’s Mummers Parade. Those guys practiced, and they knew how to walk in heels. I tried to find a link to decent images but they’re all fuzzy, out of focus, jumpy or all three. You’ll have to trust me that watching them strut to “Oh, Dem Golden Slippers” is an experience not to be forgotten, or repeated.

Here is a link to Who Dat Nations’ fashion-forward look. And here’s another link.

OK, I’m psyched. Got the paper bag, but since I’m not a guy, I’ll be wearing black jeans, gold (yellowish) sweater and some Mardi Gras beads. I thought about a half-mask, but it won’t fit under the bag.

Go, Saints!

P.S. Favorite line comes from Dave Barry who said that people coming to Miami for the game will find it different from the United States, which is where most of them will be arriving from.


2 Responses to “Who Dat?”

  1. betsy Says:

    I’m wearing black OSU sweats and maybe eating some boneless wings. But I’m for the saints, come hell or high water!

  2. betsy Says:

    yeah Saints! Gave me a bit of a worry in the first quarter, but after that, I had complete faith!

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