Redux, Redux III

It’s time for the semi-annual update of earlier stories, in no particular order but with an emphasis on media matters.

  • GlobalPost has expanded and had more hits than the CEO expected. It has teamed with CBS and should be highly successful.
  • The Courant is now forcing its employees to pay for home delivery of the paper, but they can receive a 72% discount. Generous of them, ain’t it? Love the fact that the Courant and its partner in crime continue to have trouble. “Aggregation, Plagiarism, or Theft?” September 2, 2009. The Journal Inquirer has sued the Courant for its alleged theft.
  • Boy, Do They Regret the Error!” on August 5, 2009 addressed an NY Times appreciation of Walter Cronkite. Since then there was the correction on the Kennedy family that kept on giving and grew to be twice the length of the original article. “Will They Ever Learn?” January 14.  On the subject of ooops elsewhere:
  • A retired teacher found 133 errors in one issue of the Miami Herald.
  • Chris Dodd made my last update (“Redux, Redux II”) when he was sliding into deeper doo-doo with Countrywide. I’m thrilled that he’s no longer going to run for another term. Dick Blumenthal is not my favorite candidate but he can certainly best the GOP candidates in the field.
  • Even though I gave up my Newsweek subscription (“Deinventing Newsweek,” January 12)  the magazines keep coming. I’m hoping they’ll stop soon since I’ve received a “final notice” recently.
  • Wacky weather could be a topic pretty much once a week. Then it was downpours, hail, and a tornado. Now it’s huge quantities of snow, though the storm that was supposed to start in the middle of the night arrived about 8 a.m. and at noon the roads were wet. We dodged the last big one but this one is supposed to bring 6 to 16. (I love the precision). 9 p.m. update: forecast revised for 2 to 4 inches. School was of course canceled throughout the state. Between the summer and this recent snow, we’ve had the wind storm that knocked the tree into the neighbors’ pool, the wind and rain at the end of January that flooded the hospital (“Let It Blow …” January 27) and then the unnatural disaster of the power plant explosion which seems to be unfolding as a study in worker exhaustion and terrible judgment by the supervisors.
  • It looks like Google will be able to digitize the world except in China, assuming the judge approves the settlement which might not happen since the Justice Department is weighing against it. It has divided working authors and caused some literary lights including Ursula K. LeGuin to quit the Authors Guild.
  • Media Cloud, which I wrote about August 20, (“Understand This”) seems to still be in Beta mode.
  • My Where’s George bill (October 30) popped up in southern California. I have another one but I’m waiting to take it on vacation. Not sure when that will happen.
  • Public Bar and Grill (“Public Confusion,” January 6) has reopened, and the hearing on the unlawful expansion is ongoing.

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