Curiouser and Curisouer

A quick update on the power plant explosion.

Kudos to the Middletown Eye for the most detailed and accurate coverage. Larry and I were talking the other evening to people who lived nearby but didn’t feel or hear anything when the Kleen Energy plant blew on Sunday. The February 11 post on the Eye shows why. People to the north got almost nothing. Folks to the south were rocking and rolling.

Things could be interesting this afternoon because they are going to do the vent that they had planned to do on Sunday. All quiet on the gas vent front.

Why is our friend Al Stantostefano, who is deputy fire marshal, the spokesman? He should receive a promotion for having more answers than other folks and explaining everything well.

Of course it came as no surprise that there was a tie between the contractor for the plant and our favorite felon, the ex-con ex-gov John Rowland (see “What Only Twelfth?” December 18, 2008.

The final number of injuries seems to be 27. I hope they recover fully.

No one understands how enough gas built up outdoors to detonate that kind of explosion.

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