Reiki Share

One of the benefits of volunteering at the hospital is that I get to participate in the programs they offer. Yesterday I received the benefit of Reiki from five people at once. What an elevating experience.

Kathy Jaeger, the bereavement and spiritual counselor in the Hospice unit, organizes a gathering every other month. She’s been inviting all the Reiki volunteers to participate since last year, but this is the first time I’ve been able to attend.

Things did not look auspicious when I arrived as there had been a luncheon gathering in the room before we arrived that no one cleaned up. Two open containers of salad dressing that had been sitting at room temperature for four hours were perfuming the air. We covered them and Kathy tossed them in the trash. I opened a couple of extra windows, and the odor dissipated.

We began with a short meditation to center and calm ourselves, and then we took turns on the massage table. Note to self: Get a bolster to go under the knees. Kathy has the same table I do, but she can set it up much faster. Probably just a matter of practice.

Reiki offered by one person provides a gentle balancing of energy – more if one is tired, calming if one is hyper. With five people the giving and receiving are different. As I started on the giving end, I had to to anchor myself.  I felt I was going to soar up and out of the building if I didn’t plant my feet and ground myself.

When it was my turn on the table, I’m not sure I didn’t float away for a bit. I asked for healing for my chronic sinus problem and have been breathing freely ever since. The healing didn’t end there. The share lasted an hour and a half and when we were done all my aches and pains were gone, and I felt I could  run a marathon.

Even today I could feel the effects, which have intensified since I did my volunteer service.


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