Quick Hit

Quick hit today because I’m making the opening stab at the paper I have to deliver at the conference in May; gathering more ammunition for my assault on the city of Hartford about the disappearing gravestones; and starting taxes, which I have to have ready for Larry to take to the accountant on Saturday when I will be in Boston to attend the funeral of Ash’s half-sister. That is if all goes according to plan. And of course the computer decided it needed to do a massive update in the middle of everything so I’m either typing everything twice or missing a word here and there. Sigh. So here are a few quick observations.

  • Favorite new lingo of the day: AP’s iPad App.
  • We had an exciting weekend with gale-force winds, which are lingering into Monday night. The weather forecaster said they were just shy of hurricane strength. Rain poured down sideways. I’ve been afraid to look in the basement since I left it Saturday afternoon with the last load of laundry before things got going. It was sad to know that people died in this storm. Schools in some places in the state are closed because of trees and debris in the roads. I did manage to get out for a walk on Sunday, and the devastation in the immediate area didn’t look too bad.
  • Guess I’ll be making another trip to the Morgan Library and Museum. Babar (“Go Huskies! December 15, 2008 and “New York, New York,” November 3, 2008) and Jane Austen (“Glorious Day II,” February 24, 2010) will be followed by letters from J.D. Salinger, which they’ve had for years but will be exhibiting now that he is no longer on this plane.
  • Husky mania is gripping the state beginning tonight as the brackets for the women’s NCAAs give our team a no-dispute No. 1 slot. Everyone will undoubtedly pick UConn to go all the way. Too bad the men didn’t make it to the “Big Dance.”
  • My buddy Harv sent an email over the weekend with the following headline from some unknown newspaper: “Republicans turned off by size of Obama’s package.” Would that it were always so.

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