Coleman Weather

As noted (“The French Connection,” March 20) we’ve been having glorious weather. Except for a rain storm the other night and some wind, we’ve had temps above 70 and sunshine. Until Tuesday when it poured. Yesterday it was in the 50s but blowing at gale force. Today started in the 60s, but we will have rain overnight and into tomorrow, when it could change to snow.

Blame the deterioration on Coleman Bros. The carnival opens its annual run tomorrow. Middletown Eye reminded us all with a poster of the carnival under the headline “Weather Forecast.”

It is tradition that no matter how gorgeous the weather is before the carnival, a turn for the nasty occurs when the show comes to town. All the three comments on the Eye agreed that we will have rain.

A brief search of archives shows that the prediction is accurate more often than not.

One poster called it the “Coleman Curse” and claimed that it has rained on the carnie for the past sixty years. I’ve been able to document that rain fell in 2005 and 2006, with snow in 2007.

“The curse,” if that’s what it is, follows the Colemans around, too. The show extended its stay in the neighboring town of New Britain three years ago because of cold and rain, according to the Herald.

Coleman’s owner told Amusement Business in 1998 that it was “awful wet” in Connecticut that year.

As far back as 1978, entertainers and entertained slogged through mud and other ick in Groton according to The Day.

Of course all this could just be mythology. After all it is March, and it is New England. If you don’t like the weather … wait minute, it’ll change. Regardless, I’m packing my umbrella from now until April 4, when the show moves elsewhere.

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