Plane in the Field

Before there was a tree in the pool. Now there’s a plane in the field.

I thought I was seeing things when I came across Randolph Road on my walk yesterday afternoon and saw a single-engine plane sitting in a rather small empty field just south of Farm Hill Road. It seemed an odd place to land. If the thing had gone a few more feet it would have torn through some trees and probably crashed into a car or two.

But there it was, perched on its little wheels. It must have been a quiet landing as the place is less than a mile from my house and I was home at 4 on Saturday when the incident reportedly happened.

I forgot about the cute little thing until this morning when I saw the Middletown Eye and realized I had not been hallucinating.

Reminds me of a story told by a man who lives nearby on Pine Street. He encountered a plane and pilot that landed in a lot near his house back years ago. The guy was looking for Middletown, New York, and when he crossed a river he thought it was the Hudson. He was only about 120 miles off the mark.

My friend Thelma who lives even closer to the plane than I do and didn’t notice it, either, said, “Middletown is getting in the news for all the wrong reason.” I concur.


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