They Left No Doubt

The UConn Women Huskies did it again. They are national champs for the second year in a row, completing another perfect season with last night’s 53-47 win over Stanford.

Things looked quite iffy in the first half as they were down by eight points. Our Fan in the Stands said the place was silent, that people thought their beloved team was really going to lose.

But I had faith. When things aren’t going well, Geno always works major alchemy in the locker room at the half. The players say the magic involves a considerable amount of bad language. Whatever. It works. I knew this team would come roaring back in the second half. And did they ever with a 17-2 run.

Still, Stanford’s defense held the Huskies to one of the lowest scores in the last two seasons.

It’s just terrific that seniors Tina Charles et. al go out on the big win. Even better, Maya Moore will be back for a final spectacular season.

Our Fan in the Stands had another inside scoop: He called Larry last night to say that there were Secret Service crawling all over the place. He figured either Obama or Biden might be in attendance. Sure enough, the vice president and his wife came out to support the effort.

So here’s the wrapup: The final game wasn’t the pretty, but it served its purpose.

Thanks, UConn, for another terrific season!


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