Signifcant Impressions

Isis went to the vet today. She left an impression, literally and figuratively on the staff — and on me.

The process began last night at 11 when I took up her food and water. She was cool for about an hour and then made the discovery. She jumped on my back just as I was drifting off to sleep and pretty much kept me awake all night. Larry got up to take the resident dog for a walk at 6:30 and said she was awful, pacing, standing behind him, and so forth. She went through the same process with me when I got up a few minutes later.

The actual voyage began at about 7:50 a.m. as we had to be there between 8 and 8:30. It took two tries and rearranging the furniture in the bedroom (moving the bed) to get her into her cat carrier. She snagged my hoodie in the process. Unlike last year (“Vet Adventures,” April 2,2009), she didn’t penetrate through to flesh. She did however hiss, spit, and growl.

We were less than a mile from the house when she started dry heaving. No projectile vomiting this time because her stomach was pretty much empty. She was foaming at the mouth by the time we finished the 15 minute drive. And she emitted a low growl the entire time I was checking her in.

I called at 2:30 and asked how she was. The woman on the other end of the line said, “Short nails, clean teeth, what more could you want?” I came and got her and learned that she had been growling at everyone. The technician called it “misplaced aggression” and suggested that I stand behind the carrier when I let her out at home. Believe me, I’ve already learned this lesson.

As we were finishing, Dr. Larry (funny how my husband, my doctor, and Isis’s doctor are all named Larry) came out. He said he has worked out a routine with her where he puts her in a net and gives her a shot, then leaves for 10 minutes. This time it wasn’t enough (I suspect she was really wound up), and he gave her a “bit of gas.”

He said Isis had two seriously ingrown nails. He had clipped everything really short and loaded her up with antibiotics so she should be fine. I said if she didn’t grow so traumatized, I’d bring her in more often. He looked at me deadpan and said, “You mean you can’t clip her nails?” It took me less than a second to reply, ” I really do hope you are joking. I prefer to keep all ten of my fingers more or less as they are now.”

Aside from a beastly temper, the old girl is healthy as usual. She growled at me on the way home and then staggered in and ate almost an entire can of cat food (in small doses). She hogged Larry’s spot on the couch and as I type this she’s taking up 75 percent of the chair. I’m hoping she’ll eventually get over the hissy fit and get in her own bed.


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