Great Egg

Two quick updates. Isis has almost recovered from her trip to the vet last Monday. It took her till Saturday to overcome her constipation. She’s still not used to the short nails and isn’t quite back on her regular eating schedule. She’s nibbling at dry food and eating small quantities of wet food. We hope she returns to her usual good health soon.

The following mistake has to be the crunk of the year (See “Regret the Error,” December 19, 2008). It comes courtesy of Publishers Lunch. “As for the strangest and most embarrassing international news story, Penguin Australia reprinted 7,000 copies of the “Pasta Bible due to a horrible typo. A recipe mistakenly called for “salt and freshly ground black people” instead of “pepper.” Ouch!

Now for the main topic. Larry brought home some local eggs recently. They came from chickens that belong to one of his Vietnam buddies. I hadn’t had an omelet in ages and so decided to try them. I knew I was in for something different when I had to smack the first one three times on the marble to break the shell. Those babies could withstand a fall from a three-story building!

Then I knew I’d be in for a treat when I saw the bright orange yoke standing like a little pillow – nothing like the flat, anemic yellow from the store-bought eggs. The whites on these clung to the eggs in the bowl, and I had to whip them pretty severely to achieve omelet consistency.

I figured they would have a terrific flavor all their own, so all I added was a little salt, a grind of fresh pepper (not people) and a pinch of herbes de Provence.

The result was fabulous. The only thing I can compare it to is the difference between a tomato picked fresh from the garden and those pinkish, thick-skinned things that have sat in warehouses and in long-haul trucks before they arrive at the grocery store. The eggs had the flavor of sunshine, and the scent of new-mown grass, and that indefinable something that screams these eggs were laid by healthy, happy chickens.

I think Larry thought I’d lost my mind (not for the first time). I told him that we should start buying all our eggs from Steve, though I don’t know if he has enough chickens to share regularly. I’d even wait for deliveries. Larry doubted my word until he tried the Great Egg for himself. He’s now a believer. We’ve placed the call and are waiting for a reply.


One Response to “Great Egg”

  1. Harv Says:

    Larry brought home some local eggs recently. They came from chickens that belong to one of his Vietnam buddies.

    Must have been some old eggs.

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