A Dangerous Fashion Mash

Polyvore could destroy my already shaky work habits. It’s one of those things that makes one wonder “What took so long?” And it also makes me realize that I could waste hours a day putting stuff together.

The idea is that netizennes can browse twenty sites and an equal number of trends, brands and celebrities (some dead and one or two male) to mix and match outfits before making a purchase – or just for fun. Polyvores share their outfit mashups or request suggestions and other ‘vores comment.

Of course many of the prices are beyond ridiculous ($1,200 for a pair of super high spike heels with Swarovski crystals ). Conversely I found a pair of cute, practical sandals for $9.99. Now that’s more my style.

The ’vores can be equally beyond ridiculous, saying that price doesn’t matter on a request for advice about what to wear with a pair of Nine West boots. The first suggestion was totally practical, though, saying that Ms. Vore should find stuff in her closet.

I’m tempted by some of those outrageous high heels, but I know I’d never wear them. So here’s my draft. Haven’t done the mashup yet. Total cost at this point: just shy of $1,000. (glasses $215, earrings $80, sandals $83, jeans $169, necklace $25, sweater $370, plaid blouse $53),  plus a ridiculous amount for shipping since some of the stuff comes from the UK. That’s more than four years’ worth of purchases in years when I’m feeling rich.

Shop on!


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