Quick Hit

Today will be a quick hit with observations on a few items because I’ve got to plan for my trip to Hartford tomorrow.

  • It’s National Volunteer Week so Larry and I are going to the volunteer dinner at the hospital. We missed last year because I scratched my cornea. Have heard the food is terrific. Full report to follow.
  • Apple’s iPhone bruhaha is on the borderline of being free publicity. The only thing that keeps it from falling over the edge is that Apple demanded the phone back and then didn’t comment. To keep the publicity machine grinding it would have had to deny, deny, deny. Anyway, the phone doesn’t look much different from the current version and based on experience with friends and family who have them, ATT needs a vast improvement in its grid before these little wonder phones really function up to par. I’ve heard too many dropped calls to be interested in switching. For the moment I’m sticking to “Can you hear me now?”
  • Met a shih-tzu yesterday with such long hair that when he was lying down you couldn’t tell which end was which.
  • Isis’s food consumption has dropped precipitously since her vet trauma: no dry food, not even favorite crunchies and about a quarter of the amount of wet food.
  • Based on the lilacs that will be in full bloom this weekend, we are two and half weeks ahead of schedule. Our lawn has been littered with confederate violets (where did that name come from?) and dandelions. Larry mowing them down. Again, no one in central Connecticut can remember that laws needed mowing this early in the season. And my allergic reaction to trees, grass, etc. is about two and a half times worse than usual. Sneeze. Hack.

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