NPR Swims in Sludge

Meant to post this Thursday. It’s a great crunk but inexcusable. Sub-headline from the Los Angeles Times.

Meant to post the rest of this entry on Friday, but got so wound up in I don’t know what that it was 10:30 ??? and my eyes couldn’t focus enough to read it through. Not sure whose idea it was to pollute the airwaves at NPR with Tina Brown. She pontificates every few months on “what she’s reading – and what’s made an impression.” How insipid. Her recent theme was excess. I thought we might escape via the high road with her first selection, The Greatest Trade Ever by Gregory Zuckerman. The anti-hero, John Paulson, gives the lie to the honchos who said that no one could foresee the collapse of the housing market. Paulson did and laughed all the way to the now crashing bank with his share of the oversized profits. Those stories of Wall Street excess offend and sicken, but at least one can learn something from them.

The other two pieces forced me turn off the radio. I ditched the second one and thought I was clear but had the misfortune to catch the last segment an hour later. Tina brought on the first turn off with her discourse on “Rachel Uchitel Is Not A Madam,” a story in New York Magazine about the procuress, excuse me, hostess at a VIP club who finds girls for the likes of Tiger Woods. I have pretty well managed to avoid all that sordid nonsense, and I really didn’t want to hear any variation of it on NPR, especially before I’d finished my first cup of coffee.

Then an hour later, when I was on the road and thought I’d hear some other piece, Tina dredged up even dreck. This one is being told in a book Tina is publishing about Amanda Knox, the college convicted of murdering her roommate in Italy. The trial brought out all the worst in American jingoism with the tabloids hyping the sordid details of life on the dark side in Perugia, a town previously best known for its chocolate. Beast Books now feels it necessary to crawl in the sewer to dredge up gory, disgusting details, and no, I don’t know what they are. I’m relying on Tina’s characterization.

I missed the fourth segment on people with big egos who seek political office, thank the deities.

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