Quick Hit

Spent the day working my way through an endless list of “Things To Do,” none of which would interest anyone on the planet, including me.

A few mini-mini observations.

  • We’ve lost two unsung heroes from the Civil Rights movement. I knew almost nothing about either of them because they worked behind the scenes but accomplished as much as the folks in front of the cameras. May you both rest in peace.
    • Robert Hicks defied the Klan and MLK’s non-violence. He stood up to the police, to racists, to power generally at a time when fear ruled the South. He died April 13 at 81, not of a racist or policeman’s bullet but of cancer. Throughout the early days of the struggle he gave courage and the will to fight to a great many of the disillusioned.
    • In some ways Dorothy Height, who died a week later, was Hicks’ antithesis. She headed two very middle-class black women’s organizations – the National Council of Negro Women (which never changed its name) and the National Women’s Political Caucus. Even though the first commentary on Ms. Height was always about her “crown,” her signature hat du jour, her real impact was in building bridges for women as much as for black generally.
  • First Church multiplies the love by having online readers submit their Mom-inspired .
  • About the oil spill in the Gulf: Save the oysters!
  • Isis has abandoned dry food, so I’ve got to do a major shop of wet food, my local Stop & Shop being out of two of her favorite flavors.
  • The shad are swimming in the Connecticut River. Stay tuned for the best stuff – Ma’s baked stuffed version, blackened from Cypress, and if I get it together, smoked – maybe for paté, though I’ll probably wait for blue fish season, which should be here next week if this $*(*%$A#%$# weather keeps up.
    • It was supposed to be beautiful and 60 today. Weather forecasters neglected to mention the 40-plus mph winds that closed roads knocked out power to 10,000 or more folks around the state and not mostly in Fairfield County where the hedge funders won’t let the power company trim the trees. Question: If the power is out and there’s no generator, the computer and phone will work for a while but what to do for a wireless connection?

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