Tea, Glorious Tea

Quick update: Connecticut is taking steps to ban texting while driving and to hike the penalties for texting or talking, unless it’s hands free. It can’t happen fast enough.

Now to the main topic. Anyone within 50 miles of Cromwell, Connecticut, should make it beeline to Tea Roses, a new tea room at 322 Main Street.

My friend Peggi Camosci opened the room last month and it is truly glorious. She has fulfilled her promise of “tea, treasures, inspiration.”  The beauty all but overwhelms as one steps in the door. (The photos on her web site are beautiful but they can’t match the real thing.) She has assembled a collection of tea service items – cups and saucers, tea pots, salvers, strainers and so forth. They decorate the walls and shelves in the front room. Flowers adorn the counter where there are two stools. In the corner, a bookcase and easy chair invite browsing. The “new and gently used” books are available for purchase as well. I restrained myself as I’m so far behind on recently acquired books, but I am taking copies of Can Anything Beat White and At Home Inside up there tomorrow.

The back room has tables and the day I dropped in I encountered the charming scene of a couple having tea. She was wearing a large yellow hat and suit to match. He sported jacket and bow tie. How very English! They raved about the food, especially the scones, and about the tea. They said they were thrilled because a former tea room in Old Wethersfield had closed. Peggi has stepped into the breach.

I didn’t have time to stay, though I was sorely tempted by the smell of warm scones wafting from the kitchen.

I did bring home some note cards, including one with a recipe for scones, which I’ve never made successfully, a container of Peggi’s special tea blend – of tea and roses, of course, and a new strainer because the sterling silver one that belonged to my mother imparted an odd taste the last time I used it. Armed with my new equipment and my new tea, I brewed a cup and I followed Peggi’s instruction to “sit, sip, relax.” Her brew worked its magic and I felt restored afterward, especially after the second mug.

Will go back tomorrow and sample the scones and give a full report.


2 Responses to “Tea, Glorious Tea”

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