Jumpin’ on Basin Street

It seems this blog has been consumed with food of late, Maybe consumed with food consumption? So just to disabuse everyone of the idea that all I do is eat, here’s a pleasurable side trip to Basin Street.

Larry and I had a thrilling time last night hearing our next door neighbor perform with the Woodrow Wilson Middle School Jazz Band. Ryan is in seventh grade, and it is a distinct honor to be chosen for the Jazz Band. They opened with “Blues Machine,” a tune by Michael Sweeney. The horns, electric bass, and drummer acquitted themselves well, as they kept the tempo with verve and hit the high spots.

The second number was “Basin Street Blues,” and Ryan soloed on the trumpet. We had heard him last year when he serenaded the neighborhood while he and his friends waited for the school bus. We were impressed and told his parents, which produced the invitation to last night’s concert. I must say I was enthralled at his pure tone and precise fingering. He caught the blues and blew them away. It won’t take much to make a virtuoso out of him.

The concert continued with the performance of four songs by the seventh grade band, which was almost as large as my entire seventh grade class. The musicians are preparing for a performance this weekend at the Hershey Park Performance Festival and then back in town for the Memorial Day parade two weeks later. The students are memorizing the “Washington Post March” for the latter occasion. Impressive at any age.

Louis is happy, Ryan!


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