Shad, Glorious Shad II

Spring has officially arrived. We had blackened shad at the restaurant two weeks ago. Tonight we dined on Ma’s traditional version. I supplied the Petry family sides: new potatoes boiled, drained and then tossed with parsley and a tiny bit of butter; asparagus cooked in scallions, fines herbes, and about two tablespoons of water. Oh, what a great meal!

Ma takes a filet of shad and places it in a baking dish with stuffing made from onions, bread crumbs, celery, probably poultry seasoning, and chicken broth, then tops it with another filet. She omits the bacon topping for me, but the result is truly glorious even without the smoky salty flavor. The double stuffed filets are enough to supply Larry and me with two full meals and some leftovers.

Now that we’re digesting, I plan to take a walk and then come back and heat the biscuits and whip the cream so we can finish with strawberry shortcake.

Spring, as I said, has arrived!

Next up: fresh-caught bluefish, fresh garden tomatoes, and blueberry muffins.


One Response to “Shad, Glorious Shad II”

  1. Lucey Bowen Says:

    Liz—just getting ready to email you about plans and came across the Shad blog.Thought you woud get a kick out of this….

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