Tech Hell

As mentioned, I spent yesterday in tech hell. The first part of it was the usual anti-virus update/scan, which I put up with during the day so I can power down the computer and turn off the surge suppressor at night. Saves mucho on the electric bill. But the update/scan slows the computer to a tortoise speed. Usually I find other things to do, but yesterday I was hustling so I could go for a nice long walk before the rain arrived. I failed miserably.

Windows decided it needed to update, too, so I let that run after the anti-virus scan finished. The computer slowed to the speed of the walking dead and didn’t recover despite a reboot.

After the interminable updates, I tried to figure out why Skype would let me see and hear my cousins in California while they could only see me. I did the diagnostic call and received the disappointing news that everything appeared correct but no sound was coming through. I thought it might have to do with the video program that came with the camera so I uninstalled everything and omitted it from the reinstall and then started over again. Got the camera program back without the annoying little balloon that kept saying there were updates for the video program. Still nothing when I tried another diagnostic Skype call.

Checked the computer, and it said I needed sndvol32.exe. I poked around, couldn’t find it. The Softies say that it should still be on the computer. Hah! Looked online and tried to download it from a website. Supposedly it downloaded but didn’t run. I tried another spot, and this time my anti-virus program sent up a “suspicious activity” report, so I quickly ditched that program. Meanwhile the computer still had not recovered its normal speed, despite a rest and reboot. Also could not find a disc for windows – I think it downloaded it. So much for that. And I’m scared to open the recovery disk.

At the point where I gave up on sndvol32 it was after four p.m. and rain arrived with some thunder and lightning. So much for taking a walk. Normally I shut everything down during meteorological fireworks, but I was so frustrated I decided to keep on working. Another trip into the sound/audio folder, and I discovered there was an option to connect the microphone to Logitech (supplier of the web cam) rather than the default mic. So I tried that and went back into Skype. This time a message informed me that Skype couldn’t set the volume on my microphone. That didn’t sound good, but I decided to persevere – after I’d taken time out to feed the feline. I was about to make a test call when I noticed that instead of a solid line on the volume, the line seemed to be waxing and waning in tune with the radio. That seemed promising, so I made the call. And hallelujah! It worked! I could hear my voice on the fifth test.

Now all I have to do is let Ash and Anna know I’m in business and figure out how to add Larry’s sister to my contacts.

The computer didn’t manage to get back up to speed until this morning, and I still don’t have sndvol32.exe. Next time, I’m buyin’ a Mac!


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